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Alexander Technique - Catharine Gunningham

What happens in a lesson?

The teacher uses light touch and verbal instruction to guide you to rediscover your natural balance and poise, starting by working with simple movements such as sitting, bending, walking and using the arms which are basic to everyday activity.

As your awareness of yourself becomes more attuned, you will learn how to be more in balance and how to make less effort.

Part of the lesson may include lying down in the classic Alexander Technique semi–supine position which allows maximum support and relief for your back.

Lessons are given on a one to one basis and tailored to individual needs. They last 40 minutes – one hour for the first one – and, as with learning any new skill, a series of regular lessons is recommended.

‘After 6 lessons, everyone I knew started to ask if I had grown taller. The change in my posture was dramatic.’
Graham, Internet Usability Consultant

‘After several falls, I knew I had a problem with balance and posture. The first sessions were reassuring and I felt that this was the kind of help I needed. Then very soon I realised that there was much more to it! This was an approach to the whole of one's being - moving, breathing, resting - which aimed to counteract the tensions and bad habits I had unconsciously developed over the years.’
Katie, Retired Population Scientist