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About FM Alexander

FM Alexander F.M. Alexander was an Australian actor (1869–1955) who began to suffer from recurring voice problems. When doctors and voice specialists couldn’t help him, he reasoned that it was something that he himself was doing that was causing the problem. By carefully observing himself over many years, he developed a technique for undoing his habitual stressful patterns. His voice problems disappeared and his general health and wellbeing improved.

He came to London in 1904 and was enthusiastically welcomed by many of the leading doctors and scientists of the time. He taught figures such as George Bernard Shaw and Aldous Huxley, and many of the prominent actors and singers of the era. He continued teaching in London and America until he died in 1955.

His Technique is now taught throughout the UK and in many parts of the world. It is also used by many performers and is part of the curriculum in most major drama, dance and music colleges.

‘This story of perceptiveness, of intelligence, and of persistence shown by a man without medical training, is one of the true epics of medical research and practice.’
Professor Tinbergen, 1973 Nobel Laureate in Medicine