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Alexander Technique - Catharine Gunningham

How it works

The way you use your body affects everything you do: how you feel, think, act and how much tension you carry. The Alexander Technique teaches us to tune in to our bodies more accurately and to unravel patterns of unnecessary tension so we can use ourselves as we are designed to.

We seldom take the time to think about how we carry out activities, especially the ones we do all the time – such as sitting at a computer, doing housework, driving a car, walking, sitting, bending and even talking. And habits such as slouching, craning one’s neck forward, hunching the shoulders or over–arching the back soon begin to feel normal and comfortable.

With the Technique you learn to release these patterns of stress and muscular tension so you can move more freely, feel calmer, taller and lighter and experience better general health.

‘Change involves carrying out an activity against the habit of life.’
FM Alexander

‘Alexander's discoveries are all about our habits, all about discovering what we are already doing to ourselves. The primary premise, so at odds with most educational systems, is that if something is wrong, it is because we are doing something to make it wrong. So Alexander work is about unlearning and increasing an awareness of self.’
Jeremy Chance, Alexander Teacher

‘I have been doing the Alexander Technique with Catharine for two years. Slowly, gradually and patiently, she has helped me unravel the stresses and muscular strains which exacerbate a chronic vocal condition (laryngeal dystonia) which strangles speech. Through the Technique I have been able to moderate and minimise its worst effects and, most importantly, I am learning that I have some control and influence over the condition.’
Anne Teahan, Artist